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What´s On in Berlin: Andro Koop at meisterschueler

21 Jun

Last Thursday I went to meisterschueler cafe and bar for a cooling drink and food for the eyes. I was one of the first to see their new exhibition by Estonian artist Andro Kööp.  It’s running from 5th June until the 5th August, and definitely one to go to if you’re in the centre of town.

Andro Kööp
Kööp was born in Tallinn in 1967, in 1985 he began exhibiting figurative and applied art work after studying art at high school, and since then has worked in fashion and textiles, cinema, and fine art.
The first piece I saw was a woman’s torso painted on a white background.  The painting seemed a perfect fit for the downstairs bar in which people meet, mingle and wind down.  I was curious to see in which direction the rest of the pieces would go.
Upstairs there were more treats – the first thing you see is an absolutely stunning oil on canvas of a woodland scene – the most lovely colors, inviting textures, and the sheer scale of this piece, made me want to spend more time with it than I had.
On the facing wall was an abstract, brightly colored vase of flowers.  A white background accentuates the strong luminescence of the piece and really draws the eye.
Directly opposite is the first of a pair of paintings called ‘Digital Garden’ in which Kööp had painted equally spaced dots over the surface of the picture.  The architecture reminded me of Fredrick the Great’s ‘Sanssoucis’ in Potsdam – The imposing stone steps, pillars, and stretches of lawn, and trees were engaging, and the way he painted them made me feel as though I had my eyes lazily shut against the glare of the sun.

Main piece
The main piece in the second room was another impressive big canvas, this time seemingly in negative form – it was like looking at a developing photograph of huge flowers -  and had an intriguingly beautiful, ghostly quality about it.
It was a shame that such a few pieces could be hung on those walls -  7 in total – Kööp’s work is uplifting, just gorgeous to look at, and definitely worth a visit.

Interview with the artist

Chased: Andro, you have created many things through different disciplines – carpet design, textile design, painting, collage (among others). Which is your current favorite medium for making art, and why?

Andro: To be an artist means you are much more free in your creation, while designers or applied artists must be more practical in how they work. So, right now, I simply love my creational freedom over all.

Chased: What drove you to create the paintings currently showing at meisterschueler – they are mainly pictures of nature – were you inspired by the the picturesque landscapes of Estonia?

Andro: My inspiration for the landscapes and lavish bouquets comes from my interest in history. Behind every wonderful historic artwork, park and castle we admire today as a marvelous, artistic achievements, is the decision of a ruler. Often this visual beauty belies the reality of life back then.

Chased: Which artists do you look up to?

Andro: There are a lot of different artists whose vision and creation touch me. Generally I admire ease, elegance and fine, hidden humor in art, but prime creation in every field inspires me – from painting and architecture, music and cinema, to fashion.
Some names I admire are architects John Lautner and Franc Gehry; artists Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, el Greco, Jeff Koons, Frank Stella, Glenn Brown, Anish Kapoor and Henry Moore.
In fashion the artists I look up to are Jean-Paul Gaultier, Paco Rabanne and Alexander McQueen.  Composers I cherish are Lully, Jean-Michel Jarre and Erkki-Sven Tüür. And film directors who stand out for me are Fellini and David Lynch…the list could go on…!

Chased: What made you begin creating art, and how did your first break into the art world, in 1985, come about?

Andro: I started studying fine art in a special art class at school from the age of 7, so for most of my life I have lived with the arts and played around with different directions.
My first public breakthrough was not in the art field, but in fashion.  My girlfriend and I decided to be unconventional in our graduate work, and, rather than choosing painting or graphics to present, to present a fashion collection instead.
It was a success and our collection was integrated into the Estonian Art university’s fashion show. So for the few years following that success, with delight, I drifted around the fashion realm. Fashion is still my passion, although I have been doing many art projects alongside it over the last ten years – I have had at least one painting exhibition per year.

Chased: Has your path in this career been a steady one, or have there been moments of hesitation, or self-doubt?

Andro: No doubts! Art it is.

Chased: What is your objective when creating art?

Andro: I see art as a companion for people. I value general and universal messages, seasoned with humor!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions, Andro!
meisterschueler Gallery and Bar
Friederichstrasse 105b 10117, Berlin  (just by the river)

Opening times are 12-4am every weekday, and weekends 17-4am
Free entry, but buying a drink and relaxing is the best way to get the most from this gallery.



(c) Andro Kööp

(c) Andro Kööp



(c) Andro Kööp

(c) Andro Kööp



(c) Andro Kööp

(c) Andro Kööp







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