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What´s On in Berlin: Florian Fausch at Janine Bean Gallery

30 Jun

‘Sollbruchstelle’ by Florian Fausch at the Janine Bean Gallery:

Born in 1981, Florian Fausch studied from 2001-2008 at the School of Art in Düsseldorf.  He has been exhibiting regularly since 2004 and his paintings since his graduation have been mainly architectural.

His series ‘Sollbruchstelle’, currently showing at the Janine Bean Gallery until the 6th July (details below) is a collection of nine paintings, all using similar techniques, based around deserted spaces, and angular abstract lines.  All works are oils on canvas, and two have the addition of schellac – a resin secreted by the female lac-bug.


Layers of paint and different techniques (dripping paint, scraped contours), create a feeling of a multi-dimensional space within the images.  There are definite sections of the pictures – a window perhaps where we see another tableau entirely, or a different room giving us a new perspective.

So, if you are in the hip and happening area for a coffee and a slice of cake, pop into the gallery where you will be met by the knowledgable curators, and get a quick culture shot.

Janine Bean Gallery
Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 12-6
Torstrasse 154, 10115 Berlin Mitte (just round the corner from Rosenthalerplatz U-Bahn)

(c) Janine Bean Gallery/ Florian Fausch

(c) Janine Bean Gallery/ Florian Fausch



(c) Janine Bean Gallery/ Florian Fausch

(c) Janine Bean Gallery/ Florian Fausch





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