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What´s On in Berlin: Sound Art BERG at Teufelsberg

4 Aug

BERG is a is a site specific Sound Art project and a GPS-triggered soundscape for iPhone designed for Teufelsberg, a man made hill and an abandoned National Security Agency Listening Station in Grunewald Forest, in the former West Berlin. (Germany). The APP(lication) contains an archive of manipulated audio samples. As the user walks through Grunewald forest, the iPhone’s GPS activates a series of overlapping tracks, radio broadcasts, spoken word, manipulated field recordings, inspired by Cold War Espionage, Short Wave Frequencies and Classic Cinema. While the user moves in and out of the “sound clouds” – marked on the map by circular graphic elements – the tracks are overlaid and mixed according to his location, as detected by the GPS. The user’s perception of an architectural relic, with a mysterious history and surronding landscape, is mediated by a semi-fictional, cinematic soundtrack mixed in real time. Through the localization of an audio path, the application plunges the user into an evocative and estranging experience of the urban space.

The App is free can be downloaded here.
The animated graphics have been realized in collaboration with the media designer Rainer Kohlberger. Development by Mark Haack.

More about Teulfelsberg Listening Station:

For a first impression, you can watch the video on Vimeo.


(c) BERG/ Valentina Ferrandes

(c) BERG/ Valentina Ferrandes


(c) BERG/ Valentina Ferrandes

(c) BERG/ Valentina Ferrandes


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