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Gallery: Interview with painter Ewa Wilczynski

29 Dez

Not many young artists live the idea and the concept of their art as integrated as British painter Ewa Wilczynski. Set in the upcoming Berlin artist studios of the Alte Börse Marzahn, Ewa is definitely a shooting artist to watch. Her paintings stand out and are driven by suggestive dichotomies and the space in between appearances. Wilczynski is a graduate of St.Martins and also studied at Des Beaux Arts Academie in Paris.  Her large scale paintings have been recognised for their emotive sensitivity.

Artist and muse

Despite this early stage in her career, Wilczynski has exhibited internationally and was nominated by the Federation of British Artists (FBA) as one of the best graduate artists of 2012. Subsequently her work was exhibited in ‘FBA Futures’ at the esteemed Mall Galleries in London.

Wilczynski is also considered a muse to many in fashion, film and photography , both in and out of the studio and has been photographed by the likes of Rankin, Paulina Surys and Ashkan Sahihi. Her body of work has gained particular notability after being exhibited on the London Underground with Art Below over the past few years.

Marilyn Monroe of the art world

Wilczynski has been dubbed the ‘Marilyn Monroe of the art world’ by Avenir Magazine, of which she was the cover feature during their launch at Frieze this year.   Today, she is based between London and Berlin painting towards her first ever solo show.


Interview with Ewa Wilczynski

CHASED: You have recently moved to Berlin. Why have you chosen this city?

EWA: Berlin intrigues me. It’s a city full of creativity and seemingly secret worlds. I moved to Berlin to explore these things, become inspired by the attitudes of the community here and fully devote myself to my art. It’s important for me as an artist to push myself into unknown territory, both with what I paint and think and how I live, so moving here is an important part of my artistic development.

CHASED: What is your impression of the Berlin art and music scene?

EWA: I think the atmosphere is very open and exciting. There is a great respect for art here and it seems as though people are being creative for the pure joy of art in itself .

CHASED: Your studio is in the upcoming artist space „Neue Börse Marzahn“. How often do you work there and what can we find in your studio?

EWA: I work everyday. It’s a strange experience working there because it is in a sort of industrial wasteland. I feel completely cut off in one sense (no radio, no Internet, no surrounding shops / people / sounds etc.) but at the same time I´ve never felt more engaged with my thoughts and painting. It’s the perfect studio for me because I’m quite a private person and when I’m working I need to be completely alone. Its a volatile and vulnerable process- I’m confronting things that i would normally want to ignore, be distracted from or forget. So for me, it’s a place to paint about the things I don’t want to talk about, or don’t know how to say.

CHASED: Where do you get your inspirations for your paintings from?

EWA: Generally what I paint is what I think, so I´ll use the composition to express philosophical themes or just any thoughts I have at that time, and how I paint is how I feel, so I’ll use colour and gesture to put emotion into the work. I tend to be drawn to suggestive dichotomies, particularly in human nature & metaphysics. I’m not really too interested in absolutes, complete definitions or painting ‘about’ something- the space in-between is what intrigues me . At the moment I’m playing around with ideas inspired by the 10 dimensions and the multiverse. Whilst I won’t paint about these things explicitly, I’m introducing hidden geometry related to the mathematics of these ideas in the structure of the composition and I’m inspired by the concept of getting outside of oneself all expressed in a figurative fleshy dream-like landscape.

CHASED: Your creativity is not only visible in your paintings, but you also put a great deal of effort into your clothes and make up. Is being an artist an integrated, entire concept to you? In which way would you say your personal style matches your paintings, and vice versa? What elements can be found in both in your opinion?

EWA: I push Oscar Wilde’s mantra of life imitating art : For me my life is art. So in that sense I agree with you and my experience as an artist is an integrated all encompassing concept, one I fully devote myself to.

I can’t help but approach all aspects in life from a creative perspective, it’s how my brain is wired. So when it comes to my personal style, I am immediately drawn to things visually and sensually just as I am in my painting compositions, and I use those elements to express whatever I’m thinking or feeling at that time.

I think my sensitivity towards colour can be seen in both my paintings and personal style. At times I’ve had elements from my painting bleed into my look. For example in one of my portraits I was painting I used glaze upon glaze of a mint green hue on the cheekbones to cast a ghostly sheen and translucency about the flesh . The same day I decided to wear a mint green pigment as blusher haha. At other times it can be the reverse and elements in fashion styling, for example, the combination of different fabrics or textures, lets say PVC and matte leather may inspire me to work with the surface quality in my painting and overlay areas of high gloss on matte surfaces. As a visual thinker anything that catches my eye is a source of inspiration for me.

CHASED: Thanks a lot for your time, Ewa, and all best for the future!!


(c) Ewa Wilczynski

(c) Ewa Wilczynski


(c) Ewa Wilczynski

(c) Ewa Wilczynski


(c) Ewa Wilczynski

(c) Ewa Wilczynski


(c) Ewa Wilczynski

(c) Ewa Wilczynski


(c) Ewa Wilczynski

(c) Ewa Wilczynski








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