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Gallery: Jessie Keane

19 Apr

Jessie Keane is a Berlin based artist, who uses Watercolour and ink based mediums to create surreal and unnerving pieces of artwork. Jessie works as freelance illustrator, curator, and street artist. Her main focus are surreal portraits of the female form and emotional expressions. Her illustrations are intense and touching, juxtaposing fragile beauty with inner conflicts and bold (painting) actions. Her work is very individual, while still being very contemporary. Raised in Queensland Australia, Jessie now resides in Berlin Germany, working as a freelance illustrator and live street artist.
Recent exhibitions:

2014 – Satisfactory Factory 4, Berlin Germany

2014 – RAW Artists Australia, Queensland Australia

2014 – Miami Marketa Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

2013 – Berlin Art Week, Box32 Galleria, Berlin Germany



Jessie Keane on her work:

Forming my identity as an artist has inspired me to face challenges, make mistakes, and push my own boundaries of what is possible. Exploring creativity has led me to some of the most surreal places around the world and within my imagination. As a very private person, even as a child I would often keep to myself, asking many questions of the people around me, but never really participating. An observer of people and behaviour.
Always having a wild imagination, I still find myself lost for hours in my work. However I believe there must always be balance in anything you do,
which is why my work usually consists of two sides, which I represent through watercolour and spray paint as the chaotic vivid colors and unpredictable splashes of paint, and using the fine structure of ink lines to bring a sense of calm and discipline, as well as balance to frame my work. I really take pleasure in both aspects and am constantly experimenting with new techniques to see what can coexist on paper.

I see painting as less of a skill and more of a way of releasing tension, energy or ideas that I have no other way of expressing. And the creation once you have released everything and put your thoughts and emotion onto paper, is that you can look at it, and take away a physical piece of yourself in a raw, distorted aspect of your subconscious. A portrait of yourself from an angle you can’t see in the mirror, and the most fascinating part of this is that it is constantly changing as I grow and develop as a person and as an artist.

This collection of work I have recently released is strongly linked to change and the ability to adapt to new and foreign situations and places. Experimenting a lot more with graphic ink and spray paint for this project, really pushed me to break free of my need for structure and control over the outcome of my work, allowing me to more freely express myself and the message I am trying to convey.





(c) Jessie Keane






(c) Jessie Keane





(c) Jessie Keane

(c) Jessie Keane






(c) Jessie Keane






(c) Jessie Keane

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