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People: Introducing Awesome Shield

26 Apr

Introducing Awesome Shield — A Coding Academy for Artists and Inventors:  Although it may still be some time until we are all traveling the universe via transporter and developing meaningful relationships with our artificially-intelligent operating systems, the self-lacing sneakers promised to us in Back to the Future are now available to the highest bidder on eBay; Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators around the world are hard at work tracking expiration dates, updating shopping lists, and suggesting family-friendly recipes; and, the Institute for Digital Architecture has produced an exact replica of ruins under siege by ISIS thanks to the magic of digital imaging technologies and 3D printing. We live in a brave new world brimming with possibilities for creators who can wield the power of code to bring their dreams to life. Of course, forging a path across the great divide between the analogue world and the digital one is not always the easiest road to walk alone, which is why a new Berlin startup has emerged to furnish future artists and inventors with the skills they need to create in a technologically-powered future.

Unlike other coding initiatives that teach skills exclusively for the digital space, Awesome Shield teaches hands-on coding that can bring objects in the real world to life. With customized hardware, simplified code, and an online video platform with more than 100 tutorials, Awesome Shield offers future inventors a chance to experience a Dr. Frankenstein moment right out of the gate — within minutes of unpacking the Awesome Shield, even a novice can be writing code that controls lights, sensors and sounds on the Awesome Shield hardware…and all of a sudden, it’s aliiiiivvveeee!


(c) Foto: Awsome Shield

(c) Foto: Awsome Shield

Awesome Shield is based on the Arduino platform, a simple, powerful computer with virtually unlimited potential. Learning coding with Awesome Shield means diving into the wide and wonderful world of Arduino, a platform utilized by professional artists, designers, and conservationists and inventors around the world. From drawing robots to self-watering gardens, from and even satellites, Arduino is the technology at the heart of some of the most innovative inventions out there, and Awesome Shield trains future inventors to harness the power of that technology from the ground up.

More than 400 coders have already gotten their start with Awesome Shield, and ultimately Awesome Shield is just that — a start, an entrée into a whole new world of possibilities. As we stand at the cusp of a new technology-powered future, what could be more relevant to the artists, the inventors and the dreamers out there than a chance to bring those dreams to life with code? For future inventors young and old, Awesome Shield might just be that chance. Beginning on April 26, the Awesome Shield Kickstarter Campaign is live online, and future coders young and old can get in on the action with a few clicks of the mouse.

It all starts here:


(c) Foto: Awsome Shield

(c) Foto: Awsome Shield

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