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People: Please support the Kickstarter Campaign for a Giant Inflatable Heart

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Have you ever wondered what the inside of your heart feels like? Johanna Keimeyer gives you the chance to enter your own heart with her art installation BREATH ing HEART during the ART BASEL 2017. The young artist has just started her Kickstarter campaign and needs your support to realize this exciting emotional project.


Johanna Keimeyer launches a crowdfunding campaign to build a 32 ft/10 m walk-in inflatable heart for her art installation at Art Fair Basel 2017. BREATH ing HEART is an art installation accompanied by light, video, scent, and sound. On 30 March 2017, the artist’s crowdfunding campaign will start.


BREATH ing HEART Animation from Johanna Keimeyer on Vimeo.

Multimedia artist Johanna Keimeyer presents „BREATH ing HEART“, an art installation of a walk-in heart, that will accommodate up to 40 people at once. This heart fills itself with air and pulses in a breathing rhythm, accompanied by light, video, scent, and sound, all happening in the 1600 sq m/ 5250 sq feet of the historic water filter building. In this installation visitors can experience what it’s like to be inside their own body, guided by the artist’s voice.




The BREATH ing HEART project

Johanna Keimeyer has already secured an excellent team for the execution of her art project, being consulted by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS. The artist starts the crowdfunding-campaign to finance the realization of the heart object (diameter 10 meters/32 feet), the technical equipment including speakers, headsets, and LED light-install. In her new installation Johanna Keimeyer combines architecture, light, scent and music.

 „The installation „BREAT ing HEART“ by Johanna Keimeyer impressively connects the possibility of art to experience the outward human appearance and inner being. The visitor ultimately enters their own inner being and is confronted with their own existence, justified not only by the mind, but also by the breathing and heartbeat. With her installation, she joins the works of many different artists, who raise existential questions such as the media artist Matthew Barney or the sculptor Louise Bourgeois“ says Dr. Sebastian Oesinghaus, Art Historian.

After Art Basel the heart installation will be shown at NEW ID Festival  in Berlin, end of August.

The Heart way – step inside



Technical Drawings of the BREATH ing HEART installation




About Johanna Keimeyer

Johanna Keimeyer (born 1982) studied design und digital media at University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin, at Tama Art University Tokyo, and at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), USA and MIT Media Lab, Boston, USA.


International Day of Happiness, Berlin 20 March 2017



The Heart Movement

In her HEART MOVEMENT, Johanna Keimeyer asks you to share what your heart wants to say by using the hashtag #breathingheart2017 via Twitter, Instagram and the Facebook group.






So how exactly can you support this wonderful art project? Visit Johanna Keimeyer’s Kickstarter Page and take a look! And enjoy the journey into your own heart.

At Kickstarter, you can purchase the following gifts:

Live performance inside of the heart, the soundtrack, an audio-journey of the installation, a 360 degree video of the installation, a photo shoot inside of the heart installation with the artist or even a whole day with the artist!

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