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New song and video by CALMDOWN

17 Mai

On May 14th, Greek born musician Elisa – Irini Vidalis aka CALMDOWN released her new song BLIND. The music video is inspired by greek mythology.


CALMDOWN´s music can be described as a unique a mixture of electronica, art pop and trip hop. The song ‘BLIND’ is the second part of the music trilogy ”PRISONER K”. It represents the addiction of continuously repeating the same patterns of self-damaging behaviour, because it gives a feeling of security, of something that is familiar, something known and the difficulty to detach from it.


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The first song of the trilogy represented the “Light” and the realisation whereas the second part represents the “Metamorphosis” that will lead to the third part of the trilogy, which is still kept a secret.

CALMDOWN describes her new song as follows: “The song BLIND has mostly to do with addiction. Any kind of addiction and the difficulty to detach from it. Repeating self-destructive behaviour only because it gives a familiar feeling. The duality of pleasure and destruction, or better yet, the pleasure of self-destruction.
The roots go pretty deep. It’s the fight between the person you are and the person you have been taught to be. All of that sometimes leads you to feel pathetic and by trying to find your true self again, you desperately sacrifice a big part of your energy into actions, like saving others or wanting the best for them or desperately wanting their love. Because (in the end) all you want to save, is yourself.
All these words are beautiful but if someone doesn’t want to be loved, saved or wants this good, the only result is that both sides will be damaged. Or if somebody searches for all of this through others, then there will always be the one who gives and the one who takes. Both give and take something, but for the wrong reasons.
To give and take just to have something to blame. We are all into that at some point in our lives. There is nothing to give and to take, there is only to be and to be true to yourself and to others, even if that means, you have to walk away. The love and the hate and all their misconceptions.”


(c) Ismini Goula

(c) Ismini Goula



CALMDOWN has been around in the music scene for a while. Since 2012 she produces everything independently. In 2018 she released her latest album ”CALMDOWN AIRLINES” and she was nominated as best newcomer for the video of her song ”All is pretty in Berlin” at the Listen to Berlin Music Awards.

In 2019 she toured in Europe and played as support group for the Band ”Seed to Tree”. She has performed at festivals, music showcases, exhibitions such as Fusion Festival, Ejc Festival, Berlin Circus Festival, and opening events such as CUBE Berlin. In October 2020 her music has been featuring in the documentary ”The conscience of clothing – MODE. MACHT. MENSCHEN.”

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(c) Nikolas-Petros Androbik

(c) Nikolas-Petros Androbik


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