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Art Contest: Berlin fashion Film Festival 2015

8 Nov

The leading festival for branded video content focused on fashion, lifestyle, and luxury opens for entries for its fourth edition. Filmmakers, advertising agencies, production companies, fashion designers, and brands are invited to submit their work via the Berlin fashion Film Festival website .     The Berlin fashion Film Festival 2015 recognizes and awards branded […]

What´s On in Berlin: Art Eats Brunch New York Edition

20 Okt

Bagels & Film Last Sunday, with Indian Summer vibes hanging in the streets of downtown Neukölln, the third edition of Art Eats Brunch took place at film centre Wolf (set to open in late 2015). Organized by moving image collective nowMomentnow and the delightful gastronomy of FoodGASM. ‘A double-barreled culinary and cultural delight’, so they […]

What´s On in Berlin: ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

13 Okt

The existence of ZEBRA A testament to the value of poetry film From the 16 to the 19 of October 2014 the seventh edition of the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival will take place at cinema Babylon in Berlin. The festival is organized by Literaturwerkstatt Berlin and they tagline themselves as Das Filmfest der Dichtkunst. ‘ZEBRA […]

What´s On in Berlin: Q&A with the ZEBRA poets and filmmakers

13 Okt

Q&A with ZEBRA poets and filmmakers   Birgit Hatlehol, director of the Oslo Poesifestival: 1. How can poetry and film unite? Right now film and poetry are uniting in many different ways: In traditional poetryfilms which are shown at film festivals, television and websites, in avant-garde digital and visual works that are being exhibited at […]