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Artist Talk: Urban Art

24 Jan

Urban Art macht unsere Straßen und Städte bunter und lebendiger. Der Online Shop URBAN ART 24 macht es nun möglich, sich die Street Art auch in die eigenen vier Wände zu hängen. Der Spezialist für Urban Art, Street Art und Graffiti Kunstwerke hat ein beachtliches Reportoire an Künstlern mit im Programm: Mr. Brainwash, Sandra Chevrier, […]

People: Interview with sound-poet Kinga Toth

12 Jun

Interview with sound-poet Kinga Toth by Bettina Henningsen When I first met Kinga I couldn´t believe that this fragile-looking young woman was the same one I had seen performing on stage just a few weeks before. Her performance was so different from what I had expected that I knew I had to make an interview. […]

People: Interview with filmmaker Masahiro Sugano

13 Mrz

Interview with filmmaker Masahiro Sugano by Bettina Henningsen Masahiro Sugano is a Japanese award-winning filmmaker based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where he runs an independent artist-run media lab together with his wife Anida Yoeu Ali that produces films, videos, installations and performance projects. “Cambodian Son“ is Sugano´s first documentary film about the deported spoken word […]

People: Bianca Werner “One Shot Only”

21 Apr

(c) Bianca Werner

This Friday, the photo exhibition ‘One Shot to be Honest’ by Bianca Werner will open its doors at the ReTramp Gallery in Neukölln. What´s so special about this exhibition: All the images were taken with disposable camera. We had the chance to talk to Bianca about why she chose to work with these non-lasting cameras […]

Contest: The Sony World Photography Awards

12 Jun

Contest: The Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards have started accepting entries for the 2013 competition. This contest is all about photography and moving image. The following competitions are now open: • Open Competition – for amateurs and enthusiasts. • Youth Award – for anyone aged 19 and under. • Moving Image Award – for those experimenting with […]