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People: Please support the Kickstarter Campaign for a Giant Inflatable Heart

29 Mrz

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your heart feels like? Johanna Keimeyer gives you the chance to enter your own heart with her art installation BREATH ing HEART during the ART BASEL 2017. The young artist has just started her Kickstarter campaign and needs your support to realize this exciting emotional project.   Johanna […]

People: Introducing Awesome Shield

26 Apr

Introducing Awesome Shield — A Coding Academy for Artists and Inventors:  Although it may still be some time until we are all traveling the universe via transporter and developing meaningful relationships with our artificially-intelligent operating systems, the self-lacing sneakers promised to us in Back to the Future are now available to the highest bidder on […]


7 Apr

German artist’s Robert Bartholot’s photography can be described as a mixture of vivid dreams and surreal characters, depicted in a colourful, yet purposely artificial surrounding. The more plastic they look, the better, according to Bartholot, even though as a consequence to a viewer it might look slightly disturbing.   Article and Interview by Ilona Dzengeleviciute […]

People: Die Bayer Kultur

6 Jan

Schon seit über 100 Jahren engagiert sich die Bayer AG für Bildende Kunst und Kultur. Das Unternehmen kann nicht nur eine beeindruckende Kunstsammlung, bestehend aus Gemälden, Zeichnungen, Druckgrafiken und Skulpturen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts, vorweisen. Auch sein kulturelles Angebot ist vielseitig und umfasst Musik, Tanz, Theater und Kunst. Das kulturelle Engagement der Bayer AG […]

People: Interview with Illustrator Johannes Helgelin Hald

21 Sep

In relationship with the creepy Interview by Ilona Dzengeleviciute Swedish illustrator Johannes Helgelin Hald, living in Berlin, Germany, seems like an ordinary person to meet in such city. The things, which make him stand out from the crowd, are the creepy hand-made monstrous drawings and animations, all done with a tiny bit of color-blindness and […]

People: Interview with curator Anna Frants at Venice Biennial 2015

12 Jul

Outside the service entrance of the Cultural Flow Zone at Ca’Foscari Zattere, on an old wooden dock overlooking the canals, the team behind one of the preeminent satellite exhibitions on view now in conjunction with the 56th Venice Biennale takes the occasional cigarette break or stops to relax for a moment in the sunshine. Inside […]