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People: Interview with Illustrator Johannes Helgelin Hald

21 Sep

In relationship with the creepy Interview by Ilona Dzengeleviciute Swedish illustrator Johannes Helgelin Hald, living in Berlin, Germany, seems like an ordinary person to meet in such city. The things, which make him stand out from the crowd, are the creepy hand-made monstrous drawings and animations, all done with a tiny bit of color-blindness and […]

People: Interview with curator Anna Frants at Venice Biennial 2015

12 Jul

Outside the service entrance of the Cultural Flow Zone at Ca’Foscari Zattere, on an old wooden dock overlooking the canals, the team behind one of the preeminent satellite exhibitions on view now in conjunction with the 56th Venice Biennale takes the occasional cigarette break or stops to relax for a moment in the sunshine. Inside […]

People: Interview with sound-poet Kinga Toth

12 Jun

Interview with sound-poet Kinga Toth by Bettina Henningsen When I first met Kinga I couldn´t believe that this fragile-looking young woman was the same one I had seen performing on stage just a few weeks before. Her performance was so different from what I had expected that I knew I had to make an interview. […]

People: Q&A with Curator Adrian George

3 Jun

Guest Contribution by ArtRabbit Curator Adrian George has released a new book, The Curator’s Handbook (Thames & Hudson) 2015, that gives an insider’s guide on how to be a successful curator in contemporary art. Currently the Deputy Director and Senior Curator at the UK Government Art Collection, Adrian has also had an extensive curatorial practice […]

People: Interview mit dem Maler Jasper Jaspersen

21 Mai

Wir hatten die Gelegenheit, den spannenden Hamburger Maler Jasper Jaspersen zu interviewen. Er beantwortet uns Fragen zu seiner Malerei, seiner zweiten Tätigkeit als Nervenarzt, zur Kunst und zu den Menschen.   CHASED: Warum ist die Malerei für dich das Medium, durch das du dich am besten ausdrücken kannst? J.J.: Ich bin mit Malerei und bildender […]

People: Artist and Musician Danielle de Picciotto

7 Apr

Danielle de Piccotto was born in Tacoma, Washington. Working across disciplines her repertoire which spans almost 30 years includes film, performance, illustration, fine art, music and the written word. On April 16th fans can look forward to the release of her new album “Tacoma”, an album dedicated to her birth place. This year you will […]