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Chased) Magazine proudly presents its first exhibition hosted by the newly opened Fata Morgana Pop Up Gallery on Berlin´s famous Torstraße. This exhibition will present a group of artists from across Europe, some of which have been featured in Chased) online illustrated interviews in the past. The presenting artists all use different mediums to create their work, from sculptural installation to photography and painting.

Presenting artists: Sadie Weis, Winston Torr, Lucy Schmidt, Jasper Jaspersen, Sandra Ratkovic, Benjamin Martin.

Curated by Sandra Ratkovic and Benjamin Martin


October 1st  2015

Exhibition open:
October 1st – October 17th 2015

Fata Morgana Gallery
Torstraße 170

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Artist Information

Sadie Weis: Sadie Weis is a multi-media artist working in the disciplines of Installation, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, and Video with influences of the spiritual, the occult, magic, and science fiction. Her primary philosophy and inspiration in art production focuses on a combination of these elements to create alternative environments and otherwordly sensations. These elements are combined with the re-appropriation of found relics and memories in accordance with organic processes such as crystal growth and natural decay.

Sadie Weis


Winston Torr: Winston Torr uses Newspaper, paint and other mediums to portray the human figure, he says of the human form; What enthrals me about the human form is that there really is no one exact same face structure, body form, or even hair / eye colour pattern. There may be many similarities, but not exact identicals. Even the same breed of dogs look exactly identical, lizards and giraffes and cows look exactly identical, goldfish the same, but with the human form stimulates my reality. His most recent work for Vogue Ukraine was a collaboration with photographer Arcin Sagdic and stylist Olga Yanul, exploring Imperfections by applying thick layers of paint to photographic images.

Winston Torr


Lucy Schmidt: Lucy Schmidt is originally from the UK, but now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Her drawings are meticulously detailed and beautifully precise, portraying friends, family celebrities and other images that catch her eye. Lucy studied as a scenic painter at Central School of Speech and Drama, UK. Talking about her training in chased Magazines illustrated interviews; I feel like I really developed my skills during my training as a Scenic Artist at Central School of Speech and Drama in London. When you are painting a set you have to work very precisely and methodically, you have to have the adaptability and mentality to produce any design thrown your way. I transfer many of these skills in to my personal work now.”



Jasper Jaspersen: Jasper Jaspersens art work spans almost 20 years, and has received great acclaim in his homeland of Germany. Looking at Jaspers work we get a real sense that he is a true renaissance man, his subjects vary from erotic figurative painting to abstract structural, collage work and gestural mark making. Born in 1929, Jaspers father was a neuroscientist and his mother a painter. Following in both his parents’ footsteps Jasper was a renowned neuroscientist for many years until he decided to concentrate on his art work at the age of 65.



Sandra Ratkovic: Sandra is a trained photographer and art historian (M.A.) from Berlin. Her main focus is documentary and event photography as well as experimental artistic photography. Sandra often works with unusual cameras and has just recently done photographic documentaries of Poland and Russia. She tries to capture the bizarre and hidden things in the world that surrounds us which often are only visible when you allow to look at things from a different perspective, with a sharp eye for details and with an intuitive approach.



Benjamin Martin: Benjamin started his career making performance work, but over the past 5 years has shifted his focus; initially using chalk pastels to create portraits of friends, family, lovers, and people that shape his life, his current work is motivated by a fascination with the human form and memories. For him the practice of making is a way of translating his experience of life into a different realm and in doing so hoping that the outcome may hold some answer to the visual communication between the eye, the brain and the emotive self. He aims to engage the viewer in an open conversation that allows multiple outcomes or thought processes to take place.



Carola Göllner: Carola was born in West Berlin and studied at Berlin University of the Arts (UDK),
studying with Prof. Wolfgang Petrick and Prof. Georg Baselitz.
She is a successful painter who worked in Nepal, Brasilien, Australien and the United States and had
numerous solo- und group- exhibitions since 1983, recently in Stockholm, Paris and London.
Carola Göllner4


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